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Hiya folks!

It’s Char again, with more of that roboarm completed. The thumb is off prancing somewhere in the washroom, where it still needs a coat of paint and some fabric. In the meantime, here is the metal hand, coming together relatively well. The underside is incomplete.

So here we have the fingers. Like before, they are all completely manouverable. I can bend each (the middle one was glued a little too well, so isn’t as easy as the others) relatively well. They are all attached to the main hand casing, which will probably become less plain as the arm comes together more. I added knuckles to give the impression of ‘bendable joints’ at that area. Knuckles are limited ball joints after all.

After all this is done, I’ll add some flexible rods for wires, pins, dark paint for weathering and maybe holes for ventilation. My ghetto horns are complete and they look as great as horns made from willow sticks, craft foam and hot glue can be. :D (They are very lightweight!)

In the meantime, this hand needs several coats of silver paint for a pretty shine. And before anyone asks, yes, I can still type with those fingers. It’s pretty much a bulkier version of my own hand, with a little less traction on the pads.

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